Importing Chinese products is a business trend of many people in recent year. To order Chinese products in the simplest and most convenient way in Chipo, you only need to follow 5 steps:


Step 1: Access Chipo Website and Sign up an account

Sign up here


Step 2: Install Chipo's Ordering extension



*Note: You can install this ordering extension on Google Chrome. However, this extension is not supported on mobile.

Link to download Chipo Ordering extension at here

After installing the extension, when clicking the product link, there will be an exchange rate converted to Kyats and an order with Chipo makes it easy to select and order products.


Step 3: Order & Add to Cart

To place an order, you can access to Chinese E-commerce Websites such as:, or to select the products.

Then, Select the Quantity, Desired design, sizes,... on the website and place an order with MChipo extension.


Step 4: Confirm your Cart on MChipo

After added to your cart, You can check the quantity, service of the products, then press the "Order" button


Step 5: Select the consignee address & Deposit

You select the exactly the consignee address and enter your password to confirm the deposit.

In case that your Mchipo wallet does not have enough money, you can top-up into your Mchipo wallet at the FInance Management -> Top-up.

You can select the deposit methods such as: Deposit at the office, Top-up via Mchipo wallet or via internet banking


Once you have entered your password and your deposit has been successfully completed, the following message will be displayed as below:


Step 6: Delivered

When you complete to place the order, Chipo will contact Chinese Shop to order and delivery the products to you.

The bill of lading will be updating on MChipo website then you can easily track your orders.

Products from China will be delivered to MChipo warehouse in Yangon. After arriving at the Mchipo warehouse, you will pay the remaining amount and receive the products.

Pay the missing amount on the order note.


Then create a request for delivery and select the delivery method.

In the box, you can select to pick up your products at the Mchipo warehouse or request for delivery to your consignee address via our logistic partners…


This is the process of purchasing Chinese products at MChipo. Should you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us via the hotline: +959763321591 or Email:

Wish you a success!


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